Today I didn’t even try to hide

I feel like all I do on this blog is complain about the sad days. Yes, there are a lot and yes, I need to write more on the sad days then on the good days. I honestly feel like my writing is so much better on the bad days. But I want to do something different. Today was a pretty good day.

I felt light today, free of worry. I laughed with my friends, listened to music, took a nap and tonight I met with some friends for dinner. One friend cooked for the rest of us and it was delicious (but don’t tell him that, wouldn’t want to brush his ego even more). We laughed and talked until half past twelve. The last few weeks have been tough on me, I feel like I’m starting to slip back into a hole. But tonight really helped me realize what amazing friends I have. We bitched about previous relationships and played Truth or Dare (because in our minds we really are still twelve). Although that turned out to be more about truth then about dare. We told each other a lot about ourselves and it didn’t feel weird or forced or anything. For a couple of hours I was in a good place and somehow that was enough for now. I know that when I look at the past few weeks I’m still not good. Not even close. But this, tonight, this small gathering with food, wine and telling stories I thought I’d never tell was one of the happiest moments of my month. I am so thankful for that.

In a previous post I talked about how the little things can get you down, but it’s also the little things that get you back up.


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